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OFFICE // 'Gods and Monsters'

Justin von Oldershausen

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Chronicles Volume 1: The Awakening, the timeless story of the world's creation is reimagined by Jimi Urquiaga and Justin von Oldershausen, and written by Christine Riggs. Breaths of life lie within each page, as this otherworldly narrative begins to unfold.

“When our universe began, young and mewling and still struggling into existence, the Creator had already stood for measureless oceans of time.” The story opens up with the awakening of “the Creator,” and her first creations in the universe. From there, a tale of Enlightenment and evolution of human and god kind unravels.

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Evil creeps its way into the seemingly perfect world after the first trace of darkness presents itself. The survival of the first humans: Aadya, Timur, and Ammon, becomes threatened, as their lush and heavenly oasis turns into scorching deserts and frigid ice. The loss of control, for both God’s and humans, causes one to question their own morality and mortality.

Beautiful photography coincides with this poetic story. The gentle undertone of fashion photography provides stunning visuals, while not overstepping on the essence of the story. One can escape from the real world into this divine storybook, and get lost within the minds of both Gods and humans.

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Written by Margaux Halloran