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Terms & Conditions

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Terms & Conditions

1. Copyright 

1.1 Notes on copyright 

All information, articles and illustrations published on this Website as well as the layout itself are protected by copyright. Any use not permitted under copyright laws requires prior written approval by Miss Leidy Publishing LLC. 

This is especially true of multiplication, dissemination, distribution, processing, translation, storage, changes and reproduction of content in the form of databases or other electronic media and systems. Photocopies and downloads of Webpages may only be made without prior written permission for personal, private and non-commercial purposes. 

All brand marks used on our Websites are subject to protection under brand laws even if the respective rights holder is not explicitly mentioned. 

1.2 Reprints and publication 

Reprints and publication are permissible, albeit only if no changes are made to the original, as long as the complete source (Steidl GmbH & Co. OHG, Göttingen) is stated. Information marked with a © may only be used with prior permission. 

2. Liability 

2.1 External links 

As a service provider Miss Leidy Publishing LLC is responsible for its “own content” and content made available for use in keeping with general legislation. Cross-references (“links”) to content made available by other service providers needs to be distinguished here from own content.

Miss Leidy Publishing LLC shall only be liable for this outside content to the extent that it has a positive knowledge of it (i.e., also of their content that is illegal or punishable by law) and it is technically able to prevent its use and can be expected to do so. 

“Links” always involve “living” (dynamic) references. Miss Leidy Publishing LLC assessed the external content upon first establishing the link as to whether it entails possible liability under civil or criminal law. However, Miss Leidy Publishing LLC is not obliged to monitor content to which it refers on its Website on an ongoing basis to establish whether there have been changes that could entail new liabilities. 

Only once Miss Leidy Publishing LLC ascertains or is informed by a third party that a specific site to which Miss Leidy Publishing LLC has provided a link entails liability under civil or criminal law will it eliminate the link to the site to the extent that this is technically possible or manageable. Technical feasibility and manageability is not affected by whether, after elimination of the link from the Website, access is possible to the illegal or punishable site from other servers. 

Miss Leidy Publishing LLC is by no means liable for damages that arise from using or not using information provided on Websites to which Miss Leidy Publishing LLC refers in the form of links.

3. Commercial use 

Miss Leidy Publishing LLC is strictly against any commercial use and transmission of its data.